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How Much Does A Website Cost?

The answer will depend on what elements you want implemented on your website.
 Over the past 15 years we have developed a multiple variety of websites with
budgets ranging from $1,000 to $50,000, starting with a website built for
Travel Agency in 1999.
As technology grows so has our methodology to make the process more
streamlined and flexible. Our basic approach is:

1. Discovery
2. Planning
3. Interface Design
4. Integration
5. Testing
6. Launch/Maintain

The amount of time spent on each one of these steps can be modified to fit each
project and budget. Discovery and Planning might involve just one simple phone
call with the client to learn about their brand and goals or it can involve several
all-day meetings. Factors can include:

Online Marketing Strategy:

It’s important that you understand that just because you have a website doesn’t
mean “they will just come”. You must consider what marketing strategies you
will use. “What channels will you use?”


Have you created your logo and color schemes? Have you branded your company?

Interface Design:

How long will it take to arrive at the look-and-feel that you envision for your business?

Features and Functionality:

What features do you want (online portfolio, media downloads, etc), and what
functions do you need (ecommerce, interactive forms, etc.)?
E-commerce has become quite popular and although it is commonplace that
does not mean that this is easy to develop. Even the pre-built (open-source)
invariably must be customized and that effort can be extremely time consuming.


This is a necessary cost, but usually a small one.


The more complex your website, the longer it will take to optimize and test.
 For example, the process can involve testing 3 pages or it may involve testing 30.

More Requirements = More Complexity = Higher Costs.
When we estimate a project we try to get a good understanding of the project
 requirements and then estimate the number of hours required for the following
3 primary tasks:

Interface Design- Design for all site graphics and page layouts, may also include
 Flash animation design and logo design if needed.

Programming- Hosting setup, database setup, application design and programming,
testing, and copy writing (if needed). 

Project Management- Primary contact, schedules and milestones, communication,
 consultation, and marketing strategy.

Once we have estimated the number of hours for each task we multiply that by
our hourly rate which is approx. $75 an hour for most services. We then provide
the final project estimate to the client. Our team will then strive to keep the project
within the projected budget. During development, if there is danger of the project
exceeding the budget due to unforeseen circumstances or new client requests,
the budget can be adjusted or compromises made.

Note about our rates:

If you search for website design and development services, you will find a wide
range of fees. Offshore companies may have rates as low as $15 an hour.
Students fresh out of school may charge $12 an hour, boutique development
companies range from $75 – $150 an hour, larger national firms can easily
charge $250 and more per hour. Keep in mind that there is a world of difference
between the experiences of a $15 an hour developer and a $150 an hour developer.

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